— About me —

My name is Hashem Abou Ahmad, I am years old, and I was raised in Dubai, UAE. My hobbies include playing volleyball, soccer, and biking. I am a coding instructor at Code Ninjas which offers a game-base programming curriculum that boosts self-confidence and teaches teamwork, logic, and problem solving. My programming enthusiasm came from gaming, and started by web-development in Dubai. I am a self-taught software developer seeking education to sharpen my skills, and learn more at Fanshawe college in London, Ontario, Canada. I will always be seeking growth as time goes on.

— Experience —

Coding Instructor 2019 - Present

Code NinjasLondon, ON

  • Mentored students from 7 to 14 years old on how to code games, starting from simple to complicated games following the Code Ninja’s game curriculum!
  • Worked with the students on their belt curriculum; students begin at the white belt and build their way up to the next belt, the (yellow belt) followed by the orange belt and so on
  • Our responsibility is to make students learn at their own pace and create a positive, safe, and fun environment in which students can grow
  • Developed and modified STEM activities to support belt and camp curriculum
  • Assisted with Day Camps, Parent Night Outs, Birthday Parties, and Summer Camps!
  • Created a Minecraft spigot server to allow multiplayer connections, installed and modified java plugins which allowed players to play a Redstone Circuit Map together, with restricted permissions to solve the problem of interrupting other’s work, the players must escape five rooms using simple circuit logic and complete two parkour courses. It was the most successful open house station in the dojo!
  • Researched to cut the Minecraft summer camp costs by reporting to the manager a more efficient and less time-consuming alternative to purchasing Minecraft account licenses by purchasing the Education Edition package
  • Monitored students’ progress to make sure everyone is developing a good understanding of the curriculum

Production Line Worker 2018 - 2019

Dashwood Industries Inc. Centralia/Strathroy, ON

Patio Doors

  • Framing: Assembled both Performers and Opus frames and ensured proper water insulation
  • Sashing: Inserted frames that hold the glass in a window and glazed the corners of the frame to assure a smooth look
  • Final Assembly: Assembled double, triple, and Quadruple patio door panels into the frame and inserted essential components such as handles, brushes, security blocks, security bars, security foot bolts, and screens as requested

Single Doors

  • Hinge station: Fixed different types and colours of hinges to slabs as requested
  • Clamping station: Clamped and fixed various types of door slabs with the correct frame
  • Final Assembly: Added extra features requested by the customer, then sent frames needing paint to the paint department, finished doors to the shipping station, and painted doors to the wrapping station
  • Wrapping station: Wrapped both high-end doors and single doors and sent it to shipping
  • Restocked items from screws and paper towel to 8-foot studs from a variety of locations in the warehouse

Storefront Employee 2019 - 2019

Tahinis RestaurantLondon, ON

  • Interacted with customers daily ensuring customer’s satisfaction
  • Memorized the menu and prepared customers’ orders
  • Learned how to open and close the restaurant

Organizer’s Assistant 2016 - 2017

Pro9 Sports Events & Exhibition OrganizerDubai, UAE

  • Filled in during events in areas needing an extra person, including providing information to players and viewers, printing identification badges, or refereeing
  • Contributed ideas and technical advice for the development of the company’s website
  • Accompanied my dad during business meetings with the sponsors, which built my personality and my communication skills

Transcriber 2017 - 2017

VIVA Telecommunication (Atlas Advisory)Dubai, UAE

  • Transcribed audio files into text in a specific format
  • Reported any unclear calls that can not be transcribed